Friday, June 9, 2006

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we do not talk

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to another can, I do not. There is loneliness that is going to kill me, because not even know if I saved together now. Nor speak of suicide, not that, I have no way to finish me. Sharks were quick to come and pray to be dead when I start to bite. I get no pleasure from that vision of myself, human remains adrift.

Loneliness has beaten me many times, but now it is not, not now. I will die because I have no blood, I have broken body, stab-stitched, I have not wanted to live like I do not care, but were by my side. Because long ago we were alone together in silence, and so we made love one last time and we devoured with passion as he cut my skin, endless gaps on my breasts, my back, my arms and legs, which then licked in a mad attempt to stop the arrival of my death, but I asked you to accelerate it. (And the pain in your eyes, love, your eyes and rubbing the tips of your fingers on my face in a desperate gesture of worship

...!) And I groaned, and I complained. Everything fell into silence again. The isolation and helplessness that has jaded us both.

time ago when we still trod the phrase with wit, when we embarked together on this odyssey, never promised not achieve the absolute isolation, before we ever leave: a jump over the side and the other sail in search of better fate. We came from stories corrupted and did not want to relive the degree of deterioration in love.

I have had my jump. With your help ... At the end of the day, before making love one last time, when you throw yourself and you offered to me in my safe in the boat, dumb.

is true, I do not talk. I do not care about to keep quiet and gives you the same as street or talk to you because I listened too, and pay attention to my answers. Much less to my questions. I prefer to be the silence that accompanies me, I have nothing to say and you have nothing to listen.

Now we hear the same thing, you in the stern, I in water: nothing.
waves splashing in cadenza on five sides, synchronized to the ship and me. Stealthy flight bubbles exploding in thousands of drops and hit your eyes glassy and my eyes lost. Discreet murmur of spray that is synchronized, progressive, with the caution that isolates us.

The salt burns my wound, it hurts almost as much as the abandonment chosen. And the bones are chilled. My mind dulled with this overdose of silence drunk my thoughts.


"I did not talk" you whispered to push me overboard and your last words sway me now on red foam, with severe sleepiness overcomes me.


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